Pepperwood Grove Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 BIG GREEN BOX

I saw this box of wine at a local store and was intrigued.  I am not particularly a fan of boxed wine.  I prefer to open a bottle of wine the old fashioned way – with a corkscrew.  That being said – the price was about $20 for approximately 4 bottles of wine (as advertised).

This wine is surprisingly drinkable.  Very fruit forward and a bit light bodied for a cab.  It has a smooth clean finish as there is not much in the way of tannins.

Overall it is easy drinking a good starter red for someone looking to “get into” cabs.  I tasted it every night for a week.  I noticed that after about 5 days it was starting to taste a bit off.  In my opinion this wine does not keep for the 2-3 weeks advertised on many boxed wines.

GET IT for parties and barbeques.  Not good for long term drinking/storage after opening.

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